Dear Trying To Speak

Dear Marsha,

well to start out im a 15 year old girl. whos family life is not always the happyist. dont get me wrong i love my family well u will see. my big brother he is 20. i have two others and an older sister. im the youngest. my big brother who is 20 he went to juvie when i found that out i was in tears. i used to go visit him as much as i could but it was an hour drive there and an hour drive back and the people i live with didnt like doing that but i saw him as much as i could. when i was told my brother got moved to jail my world shattered. he may only be there till october but hes the one who always tells me dont do drugs dont drink stay in school dont sit on tables dont skip classes and the list goes on. he is my best friend, my dad, my brother, he is everything to me. but since im not 18 i cant go see him so i feel lost without him what do i do how do i get found so to speak?
Sincerely, Trying To Speak

Dear Trying To Speak,

I can understand your desire to maintain your relationship with your older brother. You may feel as if he cares for you more than anyone else. I can tell through your email that you are very fond of him.  I was able to read your words that you had typed and understood your feelings toward your brother and your hurt for not being able to see him. Words are powerful whether spoken or typed. There is also a third way to share those words with one another and that is through the old fashioned Letter!

You can start by asking the family that you are staying with for your brothers address. If they do not have any information on his whereabouts, then you can try asking your older brothers or sister. Do not be discouraged if you can not find out all of the information at once. Today there is a huge advantage of the internet where you can find most virtually anyone or anything. Let us say for example that you find out the name of the jail he is in, well then you can look that up online to get a phone number or further address.

There is a little information you need to know before you can send a letter to anyone in jail, and that is his ID or number. This will be a number that is attached to his name and this is what he is known by while in jail. When you write your letter, this number will have to be with his name as that is who the letter will be delivered to. If you find the jail’s phone number, and were to call and talk to them, they should be able to give you his ID number.

Once you have his information, you can write him when ever you desire to do so. You will be able to send photos to one another or you could draw him a picture. All of this mail is personal and will have a very special meaning to your brother and to you once he writes back. The cost of an envelope, paper, pen, and stamp will be far less than gas costs, and maybe your family will help you to get these!


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