Dear Wanting More:

Hi Marsha,

I had been seeing this guy for a year and we hung out went on dates I hung out with his family but as time moved on i wanted more and he didn’t want relationship  he didn’t have time  so I let him go.

I met a new guy dated n then it didn’t work and we broke up.

Well we’re back to seeing each other now it’s going good we hang to go on dates I’ve gotten to know his friends but i still want more and he once again likes things the way they are and I don’t know to give him an ultimatum or ride it out and see how things go it’s been about two and a half weeks and I’m just ..Lost what do I do or say next?


Dear Wanting More:

This is an easy one… SLOW DOWN!  If you have only being seeing this guy once again for 2 weeks, then please don’t rush things or you more than likely will lose him. He obviously has feelings for you or he would not have agreed to go back out with you after you clearly left him looking for something more. He is the one that generously gave you your space and let you make your own decision, so now to be with him you must respect his.

It may be that he will need additional time now to gain his trust back in you. If you are pushy toward him or wanting “More”, then he may just not be ready for that at this time. This is not to say that he will never give it to you, but by being patient and respecting the simple fact he does want you, but not the “More” that you are looking for  – will show that you care enough to stay and wait.

Slow and steady won the race for the turtle/tortoise against the hare, and it may just be your answer as well.



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  1. courtney
    July 25, 2012 at 12:29 PM

    Thanks for your reply I thought to myself a lot last night and your right I just need to chill and go with the flow were great together he’s said so his self I just need to give him time to make a choice and not be pushy about what I want. Ilk let you know what happens thanks!

    Wanting more

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