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househusbandHi Marsha,

I have been with my girlfriend for 7 years now and we were doing fine till our first baby was born. Now my girlfriend doesn’t stop whinging about everything i do even if i try my hardest at it. Lets say i have cleaned the house up when she got in i got no thank you or any thing like that but i did get why have you done that im still going to have to do it because you havent done it properly. Could you tell me what I should do please to make it still seem like I am doing something for the family outside of working everyday.
Thank You,
Mr. Not So Clean
Dear Mr. Not So Clean,

I can understand your frustration. You go to work each day, then come home and try to help out while everyone is away. Instead of getting any “Thank You’s” or other words of gratification, you get told you did it wrong. Women have a peculiar way of doing things. I know from experience of doing just that myself. They want things in proper places and to be organized about it.

I would suggest that you sit down and discuss with your significant other that you wish to take part of the household chores and to do things to help her out.  Ask her to give you a few suggestions on what you could do to help, and how she proposes that you do them.  You should both compromise on how to do things.  Keep in mind that being a new mother is a hard job on its own.  Trying to keep up with a baby all day long is a very difficult task.  Just try to be patient with her even if it means learning to do things in a new way…her way…as long as it isn’t too compromising on you.

Kudos to offering and wanting to help around the house.  She should feel very special about having a man like you.


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  1. mr not so clean
    June 23, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    Hi marsha

    many thanks for the advice i will definitely try to sit and explain things with my partner and i will listen to what she has to say

    many thanks

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